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Welcome to the Mario Super Sluggers Wiki

The Mario Super Sluggers Wiki is all about the game Mario Super Sluggers for the Nintendo Wii. This Wiki will be used to give others information about the game and to improve your strategies. As this Wiki is Brand-New, you are largely requested to help the Wiki grow.

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What is your favorite series?

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Founding of this Wiki

This Wiki was created on October 1, 2012. It was founded by LuigiMan3412, a day after he found his own copy of Mario Super Sluggers, (Which was a Nintendo Select) after it being missing for years. LuigiMan3412 had started working on a Wiki called "Powder Game Wiki" a few days before he got an account. He worked for 2 days until realizing that the Wiki wasn't touched for months! He then stopped, and made an account and created this Wiki.

Today's Date is November 13, 2018. Since starting late-at-night October 1, 2012.

Notes to Editors

This wiki is only about Mario Super Sluggers. DO NOT, include info about the prequel, for it will be deleted. No inappropriate Language either. Do not add pages about things like Baseball, for example, I will do that. Stick to what's in the game. If you want to know what to help with, go to the "How to Help" Page. Also this Page is also requested not to be edited by anyone but me.

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